Ty'r Eithin

Ty’r Eithin is a satellite to Coleg Plas Dwbl, located on an 80 acre biodynamic farm overlooking the Gwendraeth Fawr, with views to Carmarthen Bay and the Devon Coast. The local villages in the area are in existence because of the rich seams of anthracite along the valley, which was mined and used in tin production. The farm has a historic and cultural significance in the local and wider biodynamic community.


Utilising materials from the rural and agricultural landscape, students at T’yr Eithin will engage in a range of practical activities and traditional crafts including green wood work, weaving and textiles, and pottery. Students will also work on the land in horticulture, farming and woodlands.

Connecting to the Land

The site has been farmed using biodynamic methods for over 25 years. Cows and sheep graze the fields. The farm has operated a box scheme for many years and students will help to plant and harvest the vegetables for use in the canteen and residential houses, as well as growing crops to feed the animals. Students will also be involved in caring for the animals throughout the year, developing empathy, and a sense of rhythm and time, working with routine and the seasons.

Individual Student Development

Each student receives an individual timetable which is created by their Education, Health & Care Manager (EHCM) and designed to meet their needs and interests. Interwoven with the land and craft activities are arts, therapies, catering and work experience. Literacy and numeracy are embedded into the practical activities to provide contextual learning opportunities. Learning is supported by literacy and numeracy tutors who work alongside craft and land tutors.

Making a Home

Residential placements are available at T’yr Eithin, either in a team home environment or with a Shared Lives provider. Students will live in houses in the local community, with their peers and staff and develop their independent living skills whilst participating fully in the running of the household, including meal planning, shopping, planning social activities and household tasks. Staff will work closely with students to ensure they get the support they need to learn how to live more independently, and make safe decisions.


T’yr Eithin offers a range of therapies which students can access either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. If additional therapies are required, the T’yr Eithin management team will work with local professionals to ensure that students receive the support they need. Therapists and counsellors work closely with teaching, residential and support staff to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to meeting students’ individual needs.

Stepping Forward

Through Practical Skills Therapeutic Education, students develop their self confidence and self awareness. As they develop these skills and engage in meaningful work in the land and craft, students also develop employability skills and increase their capacity for self generated conscious action.

How to apply

Get in touch with our dedicated admissions team to discuss a placement at one of our schools or colleges, or enquire about an open day.

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  • Principal (interim): Paul Garnault

  • Director of Colleges: Oliver Cheney

  • Local Authority: Carmarthen

  • Age range: 16-25

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