Use of Technology at Sunfield

Use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) at Ruskin Mill Trust Schools

At Sunfield Children’s Home and School, children and young people will use ICT when appropriate to support their understanding, particularly in relation to curriculum areas.

Any use of technology must always take into consideration child and young person’s therapeutic and developmental needs.

PSHE and safeguarding lessons will occur regularly and develop understanding and awareness of staying safe when using technology.

Technology will always be used in a way that is creative and furthers active participation in areas of learning. It will always be used alongside real life experiences and other sources of learning e.g. books, material and the land.

Technology will not be used for passive learning and/or entertainment purposes.

The school supports use of technology in the following areas:

  • Use of photos, videos and audio to enable documentation, self-assessment and reflective learning
  • Communication devices and communication software when appropriate
  • Use of technological equipment in all areas of the curriculum, including gardening, craft and cooking
  • Use of recording and lighting equipment and music technology to facilitate music and drama production
  • Children and young people will use ICT as a way to gain and present information and develop research skills across curriculum areas
  • Children and young people, where appropriate to supporting need, will have the opportunity to further their understanding of computing and media production
  • Children and young people where appropriate, and in preparation for public examinations, may establish the use of word processing for the presentation of their work, as their normal way of working

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