Residential provision at Sunfield

Sunfield Children’s Home believes that it is vital that all children benefit from a nurturing, therapeutic environment which provides the opportunity to lead holistic lifestyles. These lifestyles incorporate health, education and new experiences in a residential setting in which disability does not define them as a person.

A holistic approach

The residential provision works holistically with therapy and education to underpin every child or young person’s journey by moulding their surroundings into a personal and unique living environment. To nurture this approach, staff embed their comprehensive training into their daily practice further supporting our shared vision of human development.

Nutrition, health, and relationships

Sunfield’s residential programme is delivered through holistic support and care, ensuring that each child or young person’s nutrition and diet, health and wellbeing, and development of relationships is woven into all aspects of the homes and our land. Staff are trained in nutrition and prepare menus that are healthy and balanced, based on fresh and organic produce regularly sourced from our on-site biodynamic garden and farm. The children and young people plan and prepare their menus with staff, engage in wellness activities, and are supported to develop individualised activity and social plans, ensuring that they are healthy and nourished physically and socially.

Developing the whole person

Due to the often complex nature of their disabilities, we know that it is not possible to treat our children and young people’s symptoms in isolation. Instead, we approach each individual as a whole person. The result is that our residents are able to lead rich and full lives both in their homes and in the surrounding community. We work closely with parents, carers, and the individual’s extended support network to ensure that every member of the child or young person’s community is included in the decision making process centred on their holistic development.

Finding the right fit

Household planning is key to supporting each individual’s safety and development. At Sunfield, our entire team assesses the needs of each child or young person in order to ensure that their home and housemates are compatible to their specific requirements. We have a variety of individualised homes, all on site and situated within our farm, garden, and woodland.

The result

The result of Sunfield’s holistic support and care programme is that our children and young people consistently achieve good outcomes on their pathways to supported independence and lead rich and full lives through integrated planning and a warm and caring environment.

Residential Social Calendar

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How to apply

Get in touch with our dedicated admissions team to discuss a placement at one of our schools or colleges, or enquire about an open day.

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