Health and Safety

Working together to keep our staff and students safe

Trust Health & Safety Manager: Jonathan Wye
Trustee responsible for Health and Safety: Helen Kippax

Sunfield Children’s Home and School is part of Ruskin Mill Trust. We recognise our responsibility to maintain a robust health and safety management system, based on sensible risk management. The Trust is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe place of work for employees, students, parents and visitors.

The School has an appropriately qualified and designated health and safety lead who is responsible for ensuring that the School acts in accordance with the Ruskin Mill Trust Health and Safety Policy and include:

  • Periodic health and safety inspections
  • Periodic fire drills
  • Accident investigation
  • Maintaining and testing all plant and equipment in accordance with statutory and recommended requirements
  • Providing competent health and safety advice to the senior leadership team and to employees
  • Weekly report on health and safety performance to the Senior Leadership Team and to the Trust Head of Health and Safety

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The School Health and Safety Lead and the School Senior Leadership Team members are supported by the Trust Health & Safety Manager who is responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership of health and safety of the RMT Group.

The Trust Health & Safety Manager provides assurance to the School, to the RMT Executive Team and to the RMT Board of Trustees of the effectiveness of the School health and safety management arrangements by undertaking and reporting on, annual quality assurance audits.

The Trust Health & Safety Manager works collaboratively with the Head Teacher to instill and build a positive culture of sensible risk management, allowing students to take a full and active role in the many practical activities offered at the School in a safe and controlled manner.

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