Careers Education (CEIAG)

Pathways Co-ordinator and Careers Lead: William Tranter
Identified Trustee for CEIAG: Tara Gratton

Contact: 01453 837500 (please ask to leave a message with William Tranter)

Ruskin Mill Trust recognises that our students are on a pathway to self-leadership. As a holistic organisation we acknowledge and appreciate multiple intelligences such as emotional and aesthetic intelligence, and situational awareness. To assist in the student journey towards ‘self-generated conscious action’ our staff consciously role model positive relationships with other human beings as well as their environment. This role modelling, and our educational approach as a whole, contributes to our vision that each individual has the potential to shape their own future through experiencing meaningful relationships with universe, earth and people. This is the lens through which the following should be viewed.

At Sunfield, we believe that high quality, objective Careers Education and Guidance can help young people to develop a sense of purpose, raise their aspirations and assist them to progress throughout their education and into meaningful adult lives. Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance is an integral part of school life.

The Statutory Guidance

Careers guidance and access for education and training providers (October, 2018) is a long-term plan to build “a world class careers system that will help young people and adults choose the career that is right for them”.

Its aims are as follows:

All young people access a programme of advice and guidance that is stable, structured and delivered by individuals with the right skills and experience.

All schools and colleges continue to achieve the 8 Gatsby benchmarks:

  • A stable careers programme

  • Learning from career and labour market information

  • Addressing the needs of each student

  • Linking curriculum learning to careers

  • Encounters with employers and employees

  • Experiences of workplaces

  • Encounters with further and higher education

  • Personal guidance

Read the latest Gatsby benchmarks assessment for Sunfield.

Sunfield Childrens Home and School is committed to providing a planned programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) for all students aged 12 – 19, in partnership with C & K Careers.

Our Aims

At Sunfield we endeavour to provide students with a variety of opportunities in a range of activities. These involve learning possibilities and specialist visits in order to give students opportunities that they may not have experienced without our intervention.

Through Careers Education and Guidance our students will:

  • Develop a positive self-image in relation to future learning and work roles, based on an accurate assessment and recording of their abilities and aptitudes.

  • Build aspiration for their future based on a sound understanding of the range of opportunities available through learning and work, and of career progression.

  • Develop skills to form and implement effective decisions and a reflective approach to learning from experience.

CEIAG Curriculum

Our careers programme includes employer engagement experiences, work experience, information and research activities (through our broader Preparation for Adulthood, pastoral curriculum), work related learning and individual planning activities. Other focused events may include college taster days, careers fairs, mock-interview days, assemblies and presentations.

Pathway Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Stage 1 (Encountering the World) Overcoming Barriers to Learning

Impartial Careers Advisor observes student in situ and develops a working report that captures interests, aspirations, and what the student enjoys, or likes to do. This report is shared with parents, carers, and stake holders and circulated alongside any documentation at Annual Review of EHCP, or LAC meeting. The local offer is also identified within the document specific to the students Local Authority.

Area of PSHE: Self Awareness 

Class Teacher works with student to introduce what the term “task” or “job” means linking this to a role or responsibility within the community for example visuals linked to

  •  Police
  •  Fire service
  •  Paramedic 
  •  Farmer 
  •  Hairdresser 
  •  Chef 
  •  Shop keeper 
  • Teacher

 This is introduced in a way that is specific and proportionate in terms of student profile, how they access the world, and how they will relate to the content delivered.

Area of PSHE: Changing and Growing

A community based social event is held within our Main Hall with a theme of Raising Aspirations and Knowing my community. Small groups of students in individual classes are invited to attend a stimulating, thought provoking, and interactive session for 30 minutes that encourages and supports a students ‘love of learning’ and understanding regards the wider community outside of Sunfield. 

As per Spring Term information is shared regards local community and roles people play within that community to support each other, communication aids are used to support communication and retention of information.

Area of PSHE: The World We Live In

Stage 2 (Exploring the World) Becoming Skilled

Impartial Careers Advisor meets student in situ, with students who can and are able to be access a face-to-face session with their TA or RSW in a safe and healthy environment. This could also take place within a craft or land session in situ if the student would like to showcase progress through craft and engagement in a subject specific area.

Area of PSHE: Self Awareness  

Careers lead meets with students on a 1:1 or small group basis to share some information regards labour market, history of Worcestershire or their own local surroundings.

Student Voice is captured within the session to inform annual review, LAC meeting, or destinations ahead of any transitionary year.

Area of PSHE: Changing and Growing 

Based on levels of student engagement and pathway students can and will accesses one of the following to support their understanding of destination and careers:

  • The school farm shop for internal work experience 
  • Takes on a specific task or duty on the farm and follows it through with intention
  • Accesses the community within their educational day for the purpose of personal development such as a local library, a community HUB, a place of work, or an inclusive social event.  

Area of PSHE: The World We Live In

Stage 3 (Contributing to the World) Contributing to Community

Student accesses a meaningful encounter with an employer/employee within a place of work linked to student aspiration. This includes 1 day participating in an internal or external experience of work through an employer.

Student completes one written or recorded reflection on how they feel that the time spent in situ went and what they want to do moving forward if they attend again.

Area of PSHE: Self Awareness  

Student accesses a 1:1 appointment with an Impartial Careers Advisor through local offer and uses this time to formulate a plan regards destinations and transitions that supports their transition into adulthood and any adult lead services.

Impartial Careers Advisor supports students understanding of qualifications required to pursue their pathway or information such as salary ranges, progression, and any functional implications such as GCSE, Maths qualifications, or English qualifications.

Area of PSHE: Changing and Growing 

tudent accesses a bespoke 1:1 session with careers lead to discuss next steps and find out about: 

  • Supported Internships 
  • Apprenticeships 
  • Post 16 Specialist Colleges
  • FE Colleges and Higher Education 

Student formulates their own one-page profile with 1:1 support that captures information about them, what they have achieved, and where they want to go with elements of CV writing captured within. Careers Lead supports student to access assessments in any prospective placement or supports taster days with the student.  

 Area of PSHE: The World We Live In

How to apply

Get in touch with our dedicated admissions team to discuss a placement at one of our schools or colleges, or enquire about an open day.

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