Staff Help

Please see below for links and brief reminders to access systems remotely, and fixes for common issues you may experience.

If you cannot find an answer for your query here…

For issues relating to general IT, connectivity, phone or printing issues, please email [email protected]

For issues relating to Databridge, student/provision reports, PowerBI, BSquared or survey issues, please email [email protected]

For issues relating to staff MIS systems provided by Access, please email [email protected]

For issues relating to websites and social media, please email [email protected]

If you are using Windows 10, you can also get remote support by following the Quick Assist guide at this link and getting in touch with this to obtain a 6 digit code. (If using a different operating system, please see download links for TeamViewer at the bottom of this page).


Email Issues
Please follow the Email Reset Guide to fix issues with connecting to email using Outlook on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. You will also find instructions for accessing webmail here.

Remote Access to Files and Applications

Use the below links to access remote application services (see picture for login example). This can be done from any computer/laptop connected to the internet. After clicking the link and opening the file in the downloaded zip, use RUSKIN-MILL{your windows username} and your windows password to login. The remote desktop will give you the same access to files, applications and printing as if you were in the office.

Outlook Web Access

Use Outlook Web Access to access your email using your web browser. This can be done from any device connected to the internet.
See picture for login example – note that you must put your email address, and use your windows password.

Databridge Web Access

Please see our Databridge Guidance to get started using Databridge. Use these links to access web databridge for your provision. This can be done from any device connected to the internet, using Google Chrome.
Argent (
Brantwood (
Clervaux Garden School (
Clervaux Rise (
Freeman (
Glasshouse (
Grace (
Ruskin Mill (
Plas Dwbl (
Sunfield (

Databridge User Guides

Guidance on how to use Databridge’s core features can be found in the Databridge Guidance document. Please speak to your line manager to receive role-specific training.  


Using 3CX for Audio and Video Calls

Use the 3CX Audio and Video Guide to set up conference calls using recommended settings, maximising the chances of a high quality call. Email [email protected] if you need help signing in to the web interface

Using Access for Expenses and Purchase Orders

Use the Access Workspace to Request or Approve Purchases for your relevant provision, session or area. Please click the link for training guides and videos to help you through the request and approval processes.

Accessing Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Stream

Enter your Windows, click next, and then enter your Windows password (the same password that you use to access your computer).
If all else fails, download TeamViewer and give us a call on 01453 837613!