Working together to keep our students safe

Ruskin Mill Trust recognises its responsibility to promote and safeguard the welfare of all students and staff. There are robust safeguarding arrangements in place which are regularly reviewed to keep all students safe. Ruskin Mill Trust is committed to the promotion of an inclusive community which does not allow any individual or group of individuals to be marginalised or stigmatised.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility at Ruskin Mill Trust and when a safeguarding concern is raised, it is dealt with swiftly, effectively, and in ways proportionate to the issues. The right of the individual to be heard throughout this process is a critical element in the drive towards personalised care and support.

All staff, Trustees, Governors or volunteers have a key role in preventing harm or abuse and in taking action where concerns arise. Our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures (remove link) can be found on our individual site webpages and are underpinned by Local Authorities, the Department of Education’s Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance, and the Care Act 2016. This guidance outlines clearly how agencies and individuals should work together to protect children or adults at risk. Safeguarding is a duty and a shared responsibility.

Ruskin Mill Trust has a team of Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputy Leads based at each provision who can be contacted directly for advice should you have any concerns regarding a safeguarding matter.

Alternatively you can contact:

Paul Sutcliffe
Trust Head of Safeguarding
07812 234349


As part of our wider safeguarding duties, Ruskin Mill Trust is working with partner agencies to protect our students from the risk of radicalisation. The aim of Prevent is to ensure that each provision is able to monitor, manage and deal effectively with the threat posed by any individual or group of individuals engaging in violent extremism in the name of ideology or belief.

Early intervention is at the heart of Prevent in diverting people away from being drawn into terrorist activity as Prevent happens before any criminal activity takes place. It is about recognising, supporting and protecting individuals who might be susceptible to radicalisation.

If you have concerns for a young person or need further information and details of where to get help please contact a member of our safeguarding team or contact your local police force.