A contemporary curriculum

Ruskin Mill College utilises its beautiful 140 acre site to provide a broad range of opportunities and activities in land and practical craft work that helps to prepare students for the next phase of their lives.

The college site includes a working farm, woodlands and fish farm. In addition to the land work, students engage in a range of practical crafts including textiles, forge, green woodwork, willow weaving, History of Art, and pottery. Through the Trust’s method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education, students are involved in making practical craft items, caring for the animals, planting and harvesting the vegetables and preparing and serving food in our canteens or public coffee shop.

Each student receives an individualised programme that meets their needs and interests. The varied curriculum offers opportunities to develop work skills, social skills and improve self-awareness and self-confidence. Students can progress from making items for themselves to contributing to one of the many social enterprises that operate on the site. Literacy and numeracy are embedded into all activities and delivered through contextualised learning in the Practical skills, as well as individual sessions as needed. Performing arts, and a range of therapies are also available to provide a diverse and holistic curriculum.

Ruskin Mill College’s work experience and transition programmes build on the skills developed through Practical Skills Therapeutic Education and help students to transfer their knowledge and skills to a range of vocational and community opportunities, ensuring a strong foundation for their next steps.

How to apply

Get in touch with our dedicated admissions team to discuss a placement at one of our schools or colleges, or enquire about an open day.

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Student in a pottery session