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Fairhill Rise is an initiative operated by Seòl Trust, part of Ruskin Mill Trust. Utilising the 35 years of experience of working with young adults with learning difficulties and associated challenges, Fairhill Rise will offer a work and living skills development programme as part of an adult social care offer for individuals over the age of 16.

Fairhill Rise programmes include the following areas of skill development:

  • Work skills in woodland management (including fencing), tree management, creating wildlife habitats and horticulture;
  • Work skills in horticulture, working on the herb garden or vegetable beds, or food processing and preservation, using produce from the site to create meals for staff and participants; and
  • Work skills in social enterprise, producing items for sale in the local community.
  • Living skills development including basic cooking, food and nutrition, social skills development, and health and wellbeing

Ruskin Mill Trust has developed its unique brand of expertise, Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE). Fairhill Rise uses PSTE as its foundation, and, through the social enterprise activities and the resources on site, supports adults to develop the skills they need to live in modern society and be valued members of their community.  

The daily activities help individuals increase their self-awareness and self-confidence, working in small groups, and developing peer relationships.

Adults have a work and living skills plan that is informed by their Support Plans and identifies clear objectives linked to essential skills needed for employment and increased independence.

Fairhill Rise is located at Pishwanton Woods, near Longyester, in the foothills of the Lammermuir Hills, East Lothian, Scotland. Pishwanton is a 60 acre mixed woodland and small holding which includes a range of workshop spaces, kitchen and horticulture building.  In addition to the woodlands, there is a central herb garden and apple orchard.

For more information, please contact Sofie Rasmussen or the Ruskin Mill Trust Admissions team on 03300 552 653.

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BBC Radio Scotland visits Fairhill Rise

BBC Radio Scotland’s Out of Doors programme recently visited Fairhill Rise and spoke with Sofie, Fairhill’s Day Service Manager, about the provision and the people who use the service.

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Rise participant and tutor with chickens