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Clervaux Rise works with adults with learning differences, who have completed their formal education, in order to support them on the path of becoming more independent, confident, gain qualifications and visibly contribute to the community. It is an approach that recognises the positive outcomes that can be achieved for each individual to reimagine their potential.

Clervaux Rise is located on a 100-acre farm in Croft-on-Tees on the outskirts of Darlington, with a site that includes a farm, gardens, forest, workshops and social enterprise, we are a land-based provision and believe that through accessing activities in our farms, gardens, woodlands and other social enterprises we have a positive impact on people’s life and wellbeing, enabling them to meaningfully and visibly contribute to the community.

Clervaux Rise work with people and land, with a commitment to ensuring that all farmland and gardens within the Trust are biodynamically managed and are registered with the Biodynamic Association.

At Clervaux Rise we support work-based learning that meets the individual needs, abilities and interests of all RISE participants. Through working as a team based on the land or within our social enterprise, we can support the individual to develop themselves by contributing to the community and moving towards independence as appropriate.

Our Vision

That each individual has the potential to shape their own future through experiencing meaningful relationships with universe, earth and people.

Our Values

We value inclusive learning and living activities that integrate practical activity thinking and emotions.

We value mutual respect and we strive to understand all people’s differences and uniqueness.

We value the capacity for re-imagination present in all people, towards positive change and development.

We value openness, goodwill, tolerance and treating individuals with dignity and respect.

Why Come to Clervaux Rise

We offer real world work experience to enable individuals to engage with and contribute to their own development and that of the community.

Clervaux Rise provides a safe and friendly environment, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and person centred. We have well qualified staff with a wide range of skills to offer the opportunities to support people with a range of learning disabilities, who may benefit from working in a therapeutic environment. Our beautiful location lends itself perfectly to this therapeutic role. Clervaux Rise provides participants with the opportunity to engage with and learn new skills, while making friends and contributing to the wider community.



How to apply

Get in touch with our dedicated admissions team to discuss a placement at one of our schools or colleges, or enquire about an open day.

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