Rise Adult Provision

Rise is a new initiative designed to support young people and adults who have completed their formal education but still require support in developing themselves, to enable them to reach their full potential. The programme will be on offer to young people and adults who no longer require an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) but are still in receipt of health and/or social care funding, or private funding, and will be offered at each of Ruskin Mill Trust’s provisions.

Rise can be residential or day, dependent on the individual’s needs and whilst it can be seen as linear progression for students who were previously in schools or colleges, it does not need to follow this path and can be fluid and flexible as explained in the diagram below.

The ‘Rise’ social care programme will enable services users the opportunity to move away from education, offering a programme of living skills driven from their residential provision. Service users will be given opportunities to volunteer on the Farm or in Horticulture, participate in community activities such as shopping, accessing the gym, etc., gaining work experience and vocational opportunities – creating a life after education.


Fairhill Rise

Age 18+ | rural location | East Lothian, Scotland


Rise participant walking with tutors and a donkey on the farm

Clervaux Rise
Age 18+ | rural location | Darlington