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Ruskin Mill Trust recognises that children and young people thrive in education when they have a supportive and nurturing residential environment. The residential provision aims to create a space to process what they have learned and experienced during the day, a space that is welcoming, relaxing and where they feel comfortable and safe and are supported to grow and develop. We recognise that we cannot recreate their family home, but work to provide opportunities for children to participate in the household, and develop a sense of belonging and positive wellbeing. A regular staff team will work with children to provide consistency and routine. Children will be invited to help decorate their bedrooms and place the items they have made at school around the home.

Children will have opportunities to develop independent living skills as they participate in household activities including meal planning, shopping, budgeting, and cleaning. This will help them develop a sense of ownership and responsibility. At all times, staff will assess the child’s abilities and ensure appropriate support is provided to keep him or her safe.

The residential staff work closely with the daytime staff to ensure that there is effective communication between day and residential and that children receive consistent and clear messages. Residential staff will also work closely with families so that information and successes are shared and the child maintains close contact with the important people in their life.

The residential setting also provides opportunities to engage in the local community, accessing local events and activities, going to the cinema, shopping or out for a meal.


For many of the students who come to a Ruskin Mill Trust college, living away from home is seen as a right-of-passage, something their peers or siblings have done, part of being an adult. The residential provision at the Ruskin Mill Trust colleges aims to provide opportunities for students to grow into adulthood, while working to keep them safe.

Our Residential Services are not just where students live, but more importantly where they grow and develop. Alongside our daytime provisions, they offer a fully integrated approach to meaningful learning, where the home environment provides constructive opportunities for practicing and rehearsing the transferable skills which have been gained during the day. Everyone is expected to actively contribute to the day to day running of the home, at whichever level it is appropriate, and through this process of collaboration and interdependence, social skills, practical living skills and self-care skills are gained, leading to a developed sense of autonomy and increased self-esteem.

Residential provisions are situated within the local community and provide students with many opportunities for engaging with events and activities according to their wishes and interests. Students each have their own bedroom and will share common space such as kitchens, living rooms etc.

Our models of Residential Service vary to ensure we can provide the best match for individual needs. We pride ourselves on domestic sized households and support structures which can be adapted to overcome challenges as well as provide opportunities for learning and progression. At all times, staff will assess students’ abilities and ensure appropriate support is provided to keep them safe within an informed learning environment. Students can experience our Shared Lives model where they live with Shared Lives Providers or a Team Home provision where they are supported by a consistent team of Engagement Workers.