The Residential Service throughout Ruskin Mill Trust is based on the 7 Care Qualities; Rhythm, Warmth, Nourishment, Trust, Constancy, Culture, and Recreation:


Rhythm – The rhythm of daily living, providing comfort in routine and order. Rhythm is provided through the daily meal, household chores, schedules and help individuals to know what to expect throughout the day.

Warmth – Not only physical warmth, but also emotional warmth, providing a warm and welcoming home, where, through acts of generosity and support, individuals can experience inner warmth.

Nourishment – Nourishment comes not only from the food that is prepared and served in the households, but also through social and cultural activities, stories, and being in nature, where the whole individual is nourished.

Trust – Developing trust between peers and staff, providing reliability and stability. Helping individuals to be honest and true to others and themselves.

Constancy – Constancy provides a level of predictability and reassurance. It comes from routines and understanding consequences of actions. Constancy can help with coping with change as there is always a grounding point.

Culture – Culture helps to enrich the educational experiences of the students, attending concerts and storytelling events, engaging in their communities and understanding the world around them.

Recreation – Recreation plays an important part in the household, providing vitality and playfulness, supporting others and bringing joy. Through recreation, the rhythm of living becomes sustainable and it provides spontaneity and diversity.