Post Education Services (Rise)

Ruskin Mill Trust offers services from the age of 7 through to 40+. We recognise that sometimes individuals need longer to embed skills learned at school or college, or continue to develop essential skills for increased independence and work. Ruskin Mill Trust offers a post education service; Rise.

Rise is a new initiative available at all Ruskin Mill Trust sites designed to support young people and adults who have completed their formal education but still require support to embed the skills they have learned and enable them to reach their full potential. The programme is available to any young people and adults who no longer require an Education, Health and Care Plan but who are still in receipt of health/ social care funding.

The programme will focus on continued development of skills for living and work and will provide opportunities, where appropriate, for clients to undertake vocational qualifications to support them to gain employment or further training.

Rise is available as both day and residential provision. Day activities will be focused on work skills development, either on the land or in a social enterprise activity, or work placements/ volunteering in the community. Clients will have an individualised work plan that will correlate to their support needs, with clearly identified vocational skills targets. Staff working with clients will help them to make progress towards these targets thereby helping them be more ready for employment.

In the residential, clients will live in team homes or supported living and will have opportunities to develop independent living skills, and engage in community life. Clients will be supported to manage their households, planning meals, budgeting, shopping and keeping the house clean and tidy. Staff will work closely with clients and families to ensure that they receive the right amount of support and that they are learning and embedding the skills they need to live more independently.

The Rise programme will enable clients an opportunity to move away from education, offering a programme of living and work skills through social enterprise, community activities and independent living skills, helping clients gain valuable work experience and vocational trainings – creating a life after education.