Ruskin Mill Trust offers education, residential services, including respite, and post education services through our Rise programme.

Our education services use the method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education, which is informed by Steiner’s principles of pedagogy, to deliver a unique and innovative curriculum that incorporates aspects of the national curriculum and qualifications as appropriate.

Our residential services provide family style homes in the community or on site which offer a wide range of facilities to meet individual needs. Residential and education services work closely together to deliver holistic support and consistency.

Rise, the post education service, uses the method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education as a foundation for work and living skills development. Rise provides training and skill development through social enterprise, community engagement and residential living.

Ruskin Mill Trust immerses learners in the productive aspects of the curriculum, supporting them to develop the skills that will enable them to regulate their behaviour and emotions, focus their attention, develop relationships and to make a meaningful contribution to their community. The result is that each individual develops a new sense of confidence, self-worth, and their own potential. A series of accredited qualification and vocational pathways are available, as well as access to functional skills sessions and our in-house therapy teams. Ruskin Mill Trust believes that it is an integral component of self-development to be able to give back not only to our own communities but also the public. To this end we have invested in many different on-site social enterprises such as cafes, farm shops and heritage centres at which our children and adults learn to socialise and work in a safe and supported environment.