Our Therapies

A Deeper understanding

Our therapy team support our land and practical skills curriculum (PSTE) in order that our children and young people are able to engage as much as possible with the wide-ranging therapeutic aspects of this curriculum. These targeted therapies include one to one sessions, which aim to support the integration of cognitive, emotional and bodily development (Head, Heart and Hand). These therapies aid our children and young people in being more comfortable in ‘being, exploring and contributing’ to the world.

The Grace Garden School’s on-site Therapy department offers holistic, comprehensive and detailed assessment and therapy provision, which is tailored to each child or young person at our residential special school. Their invaluable insight and input provides a deep understanding of the child or young person’s complex and multi-faceted needs, and helps to formulate strategies through which individuals can overcome barriers, and be supported to maximise their potential.

Our specialist team comprises a range of disciplines including: Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Steiner based therapies such as Eurhythmy, Therapeutic Art, Rhythmical Massage Therapy, and Colour Light Therapy.

Collaborative approach

The Therapy department works closely to share knowledge, insights and experience with colleagues in our education, land and residential settings. This integrated approach ensures that every child and young person’s psychological, emotional, occupational, sensory processing and communication needs are fully identified and met.

The team also provides training to staff and families, alongside emotional support, facilitated reflection and proactive planning. The focus is on empowering staff and families to feel confident in understanding and supporting the young people through both challenging times and times of development.

Meaningful and successful living

At the Grace Garden School, the team focuses on goals which are meaningful to each child or young person, their family and the team around the child or young person. This may include supporting their increased independence or developing school-based skills such as handwriting, or accessing a variety of leisure and social activities. Whatever their individual goals, we work together, with the children and young people, to help them achieve– with confidence and enjoyment.

How to apply

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