Our Colleges

Whilst each of our colleges provide unique learning opportunities, every student attending a Ruskin Mill Trust college will receive the following core offer:

Highly specialised provision offering bespoke placements and comprehensively trained teams of educators, carers and therapists. Each student is provided with an individualised and tailored curriculum such that the practical skills they will engage with are those specifically chosen to meet their own developmental needs.

Support for your educational journey with an Education, Health and Care Manager who meets with you regularly, reviews and tracks your progress and also helps you manage your daily needs and challenges.

Participation in a range of traditional crafts, land work, catering, performing arts and work skills, with termly-reviewed, individualised timetables. A curriculum based on PSTE will be designed to enhance a student’s gross and fine motor skills, balance coordination, social skills development and also improve their academic skills in literacy and numeracy.

Access to a range of therapies and support measures, including speech and language, counselling, art, movement and physiotherapy.

Opportunities to participate in work experience, either in an on-site social enterprise or in the local community.

Living for our residential students is either with one of our Shared Lives households or a team home in the local community

How to apply

Get in touch with our dedicated admissions team to discuss a placement at one of our schools or colleges, or enquire about an open day.

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