Academic Performance

2020 Qualifications

The qualifications available at Clervaux Garden School are detailed below, we aim to offer students a broad and balanced curriculum via our Craft and Land subjects, and the qualifications on offer allow for accreditation of this learning.

Clervaux Garden School opened in February 2020, due to the challenges of Covid-19 and allowing for the students to settle in to their new school, qualifications were started but none were completed within the academic year 2019/20.

Vocational Qualifications

Clervaux Garden School offers students the opportunity to achieve OCN accredited qualifications in Skills for Living and Work and Personal Progress. These qualifications allow us to formally accredit the learning and personal development our students undertake through Ruskin Mill Trust’s Practical Skills Therapeutic Education method.

Examples of the units that students are working on during 2020-21 are:

  • Textile crafts
  • Green woodwork
  • Horticulture
  • Ceramics
  • Health and Safety
  • Animal Husbandry

Functional Skills

All students aged 14 and over are able to achieve Functional Skills qualifications in English and Maths at Clervaux Garden School. These are delivered from Entry 1 to Level 2 and students will be given the opportunity to progress through these levels.


GCSEs in English and Maths are not part of the typical offer to students at Clervaux Garden school, but they can be made available to students if this is the correct pathway for them.