Ruskin Mill Trust’s Practical Skills Therapeutic Education method embeds our therapeutic approach to human development throughout our children and young people’s day and residential sessions and activities. Brantwood also provides a more targeted therapeutic programme for our children and young people, in addition to our practical curriculum, through discrete therapy sessions and input from the therapy team into day and residential planning.

Collaborative approach

Our Therapy department works closely to share knowledge, insights and experience with colleagues in our education, land and residential settings. This integrated approach ensures that every child and young person’s psychological, emotional, occupational, sensory processing and communication needs are fully identified and met.

The expert team also provides training to staff and families, alongside emotional support, facilitated reflection and proactive planning. The focus is on empowering staff and families to feel confident in understanding and supporting the young people through both challenging times and times of development.

Meaningful and successful living

At Brantwood, the team focuses on goals which are meaningful to each child or young person, their family and the team around the child or young person. Whatever their individual goals, we work together, with the children and young people, to help them achieve– with confidence and enjoyment.

Behaviour Management

Brantwood believes that understanding and managing behaviour is the key to promoting safety, confidence and mutual respect.
Brantwood’s Behaviour Management team are dedicated to the analysis of, and insight into, a wide variety of behaviours. They use specialised assessment techniques to identify possible emotional and mental health problems, as well as the everyday traumas and triggers that may be contributing to distress and negative patterns of behaviour.

Based on the results of the initial assessment, the teams devise a Behaviour Development Plan for each child or young person and then work together to implement, monitor and update this plan, in response to changing needs. The aims are to help each child or young person develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of caring and respect for others, promoting co-operative relationships with peers and adults, and developing a range of social skills and effective coping strategies.

Many students with behavioural, emotional and social development needs often have to wait for the availability of therapeutic input from an already overstretched local CAMHS team. As part of the service available to students at Brantwood Specialist School, there is a developed, on-site therapeutic team that consists of:

  • Consultant Advisory Psychiatrist

  • Counselling Psychotherapist

  • Speech and Language therapy

  • Eurythmy (movement therapy)

  • Art therapy

  • Occupational Therapy with Sensory Integration

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