Fundamental British Values

At Ruskin Mill Trust colleges, we actively promote positive, inclusive values. These include democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect for and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. We believe British values are those values expected of anyone living in Britain, regardless of their nationality, culture or religious belief.

Our ethos, curriculum and purpose reflects these values. We place great emphasis on building positive relationships in college, amongst the students themselves and between staff and students. We strongly believe students should not merely be taught such values but that they are embedded into college life.

Our values

We value inclusive learning and living activities that integrate practical activity, thinking and our emotions.

We value mutual respect and we strive to understand all people’s differences and uniqueness.

We value the capacity for re-imagination present in all people, towards positive change and development.

We value openness, goodwill, tolerance and treating individuals with dignity and respect.

We strive to support our students to develop into confident, happy, successful young adults who have empathy towards and an understanding of those less fortunate than themselves.

The Fundamental British Values Policy reflects how our schools work to promote positive values through the ethos and life of the college, for example through a rich and deep curriculum (Practical Skills Therapeutic Education), and through social, moral, cultural and spiritual development.

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