Ruskin Mill Trust offers a range of day and residential placements for individuals aged six through to 40+.  Applications are accepted all year around. We offer up to 52 week placements. We accept private pay students and international students subject to visa requirements.

Our experienced admissions team are here to help you through the admissions process and answer any questions you may have, please phone or email to get in touch.

Come and find out more about Ruskin Mill Trust by attending one of our open days, or arranging an individual visit at a time that suits you. We work closely with local authorities to make the admissions process as smooth as possible. Parents should let their local authority know they are interested in Ruskin Mill Trust as soon as possible.

We understand that choosing a provision is an important step and can be a lengthy and complicated process. Here at Ruskin Mill Trust we will work alongside you to ensure the best outcome for your child or young person.

Once we have a brief overview you will be asked to send through a copy of the young person’s Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) for the senior team to look at the suitability of your provision of choice.

Our admissions process

  1. Contact Us
    Get in touch with our dedicated admissions team either by phone on 0330 055 2653 or email [email protected] to discuss your enquiry. Once we have a brief overview you will be asked to send through a copy of the young person’s Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) or equivalent, for the senior team to look at the suitability of your provision of choice.

  2. Assessment
    Once we have the initial enquiry/referral/consultation information our schools and colleges will move to an information gathering process to assess the young person via an in-depth questionnaire or application form.

    Associated professional documentation will be requested, and observations formed through various methods of contact.

    Sometimes prior to offering a placement, this process might include a visit to current provision/home or the young person might be invited to the school/college site.

  3. Offer of Placement
    Once all parties in school/college are agreed that the school/ college is appropriate after the information gathering process is complete this would then be considered by the admissions panel to offer a placement.

    A letter regarding an offer of placement (subject to funding being agreed) is sent to parents or carers and professionals involved with the funding application and Local Authority are informed.

    Should funding be agreed by your Local Authority we then work with all stakeholders to provide an effective transition into provision.

    A condition of any offer of placement will have a caveat of validity of 12 weeks unless otherwise stated.

“The impact on our son as well as our family has been immeasurable, he has come along leaps and bounds with self care, communication and life skills.”

– Parents of one of our pupils

Student and tutor picking flowers
Student and tutor pouring pewter
Pupils and tutors collecting berries at Grace Garden School
Student and tutor coppicing wood